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Blaire is a small town brunette beauty. She moved out to LA in hopes to further her career in the entertainment industry, so when she saw the ad looking for models for a rap video she just knew this was it! She didn’t think that when she showed up for the audition that she would be greeted with a giant black cock. She’s never had a black cock before, what is she going to do with all that meat? Previous guys have told her she has great blowjob skills but she’s never seen a cock this big. Its enormous! She definitely has a wild side but is her wild side going to be wild enough to get her a spot in the video?

Amy and Blaire:

Blonde hottie Amy returns with her perky titties. She’s on a mission and lies in wait for our favorite sex kitten Blaire to return for another audition. Blaire feels a bit unsure about being called back a third time but Amy knows the drill and is horny and ready to pounce. She reassures Blaire and leads the way to Blaire’s second ever lesbian experience. After the last time, she has been itching for some more girl on girl action, she didn’t realize just how good it felt to have her pussy eaten out by the soft supple mouth of another girl and Amy is definitely hot! Her nipples are hard just thinking about eating her. She only hopes that the gentleman behind the camera decides to slip in for his share on the action.

Pepper and Blaire:

Sexy teen Blaire returns for her second audition. This time, Pepper is lying in wait to help her release her wild side and prove she’s the one for this job. Blaire has never been with a girl before will she be good enough with her lack of experience? Luckily Pepper is a seasoned vet and super excited to show Blaire the ropes. In fact, she can’t keep her hands off Blaire’s tight body and wastes no time diving right into her tight pink pussy. When its Blaire’s turn to perform, it turns out she is better at this than she thought! What she didn’t expect was another stranger to slip his giant cock into her pussy, but it feels so good that she can’t help but go with it. This naughty minx is definitely showing her wild side.


Cali is a brunette teen hottie that has a booty that was meant to twerk. That’s why when she saw the ad for a rap video audition; she knew she would be a shoe in. Not only does she have an amazing ass, but guys are always telling her she has amazing legs too. So why not put these assets to good use? She didn’t realize when she arrived that she would be showing all her goods. A bit reserved at first, she starts to get into taking off her clothes slowly. She loves sex and thinks she’s pretty good at it, so why not give this audition everything she has? Besides she’s so horny at this point, she’s willing to fuck anything, even a towel, before the main event…


Ebony teen Kelly is a hottie with a tight body. She loves rap music and her dream has always been to be a professional dancer someday. So when she got a call to come in for an audition she was over excited to show off her skills. But her naughty and most intimate skills were not what she was expecting to be showcasing. Lucky for her she knows her way around a throbbing angry cock and if these are the skills she’s being rated on then she will be sure to get in the video. Not only does she have amazing blowjob skills but also she’s willing to do whatever it takes to get in this music video. Even if it means fucking a total stranger.

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