A 23 year old computer engineer with a degree who can't find a job in 2016 either is doing something wrong, or we are indeed all being replaced by robots now, including the geeks. That this computer geek comes in the form of a tiny 5'2 blonde Russian spinner who recently broke up her engagement and is now looking for A) a boyfriend/cock, and B) a job, is lucky for us. TC is taking charge in every way today. Spoiler Alert: we get first time anal (wee bit o' painal), plenty of surprise orgams (for Hope, obvi), and an even more surprising cum facial. Hope is a tad too smart to fall for the “we're just middle men and don't pay for your demo tape”-line, so watch TC's genius kiss-off to make sure he doesn't have a crazy Russian at his hands in the office when he sends her packing empty handed…

Sex Acts: Masturbation, blowjob, reverse cowgirl, standing doggystyle, missionary, anal, facial

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